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Standing out

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 6: Standing out.

Today's post begins with a story...

Once upon a time, there was a young man by the name of Jeremy. He attended high school just like every other kid his age. One day, in 2009, towards the end of the school semester, he and some friends decided that they were going to skip/wag school that day. They got prepared for school as usual and caught the bus, but instead of entering the school, they turned around and decided to have a day away from school.

They ventured back to an area close to where they all lived and stopped off at a public park. This public park had a playground, a tennis court, and was located behind a kindergarten/pre-school. One of the boys noticed some dirty, adult magazines in the trash can, so as young teenage boys do, the boys got them out and viewed the contents of the magazines. Once they were done viewing the magazines, they decided to put the magazines back into the trash can and light them on fire.

The magazines burned quite consistently since they were just paper and the trash can shined brightly thanks to the big orange flame shooting out of it.

Unbeknown to the boys, there was a teacher at the kindergarten who noticed what the boys were up to. The kindergarten teacher recognised the school uniform and proceeded to call the school.

Now, no one knows exactly how the next part went, but based on the results, we believe it went something along the lines of this...

- High school: *answers phone*, "Hello, this is ...... How may I help you?"

- Kindergarten teacher: "Ah yes, Hello. My name is ....... and I work at .......... kindergarten. I've noticed that some of your students are lighting a trash can on fire behind our kindergarten.

- High school: "Oh dear, that's not good at all. How do you know the students are from our school?"

- Kindergarten teacher: "They are wearing their school uniform and I recognise the logo."

- High school: "I see. Well is there anything you can tell me about the students so I can try to figure out who the individuals are?"

- Kindergarten teacher: "Well, three of them just look like your average teenage boys. However, one of the students appears to be a dwarf/little person."

- High school: "I see. Thank you very much for reporting this incident with us. We will deal with the students appropriately."

The next day at school, young Jeremy got called to the office. It seems there was someone who called the school and notified them about Jeremy not only skipping school, but also setting public property on fire. Jeremy, being the only dwarf/little person in the school, was unable to deny these accusations. Jeremy however, being the very loyal friend, never once told the principal or his teachers who the other three culprits were.

So Jeremy took the fall and was punished with a suspension. As he sat and reflected on what he had done, it dawned on him that something amazing had occurred - he stood out over the others. He felt like he had been given a superpower!

To quote Spider-man, "With great power, comes great responsibility".

As Jeremy reflected on this new found responsibility and superpower, he thought about what he should do with it. Should he just be more careful when doing something wrong? Or should he use this new superpower for good and be remembered for doing good things like helping and caring for others?

He chose the latter.

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