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Dwarfism - is it a disability?

Dwarfism Awareness Month: Day 30: Disability.

Dwarfism - is it a disability or not?

There are a lot of varying opinions on whether or not being a dwarf/little person is a disability. The reason for the varying opinions is because there are so many variations and potential health complications that can be associated with dwarfism. Most dwarfs like myself are physically able to do anything and everything. We may just go about it in a different way to average height individuals. However, those that are born with complications associated with dwarfism, mainly orthopedic, could be considered disabled. There are also access issues and problems even with healthy dwarfs/little people like myself that could also classify them as disabled. For example, most dwarfs/little people cannot reach an automated teller machine (ATM) or the ones at supermarket checkouts. Gas/petrol pumps and even pay phones are sometimes impossible to use. It’s the little things (pun intended) that people often don’t think about when engaging a dwarf/little person. We become accustomed to the way we do things because most of the time, we don’t have a choice and just have to soldier on. But in many cases, there are times where we need help/assistance because access just isn’t available for us. Dwarfism is a recognized condition under the Americans with Disability Act. I have no problem in saying that I have a disability. I won’t let it limit what I can do or try to do but instead I’ll use it to help educate others about dwarfism and how others can make our lives easier.

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