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Dwarfism - is it a disability?

Dwarfism Awareness Month: Day 30: Disability. There are a lot of varying opinions on whether or not being a dwarf/little person is a disability. The reason for the varying opinions is because there are so many variations and potential health complications that can be associated with dwarfism. Most dwarfs like myself are physically able to do anything and everything. We may just go about it in a different way to average height individuals. However, those that are born with

Achondroplasia (Part 1)

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 11: Achondroplasia (Part 1). Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism and occurs in one out of 26,000 babies. It is a form of disproportionate dwarfism. It is also the form of dwarfism that I have. (1 in 26,000 - I guess I'm pretty special). About 80% of people with achondroplasia are born to parents of average height. The way it works is that the person with achondroplasia inherits one mutated copy of the gene associated with the disor

I can't believe they asked that!

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 10: "I can't believe they asked that!" Today's post is a list of questions that I've been asked throughout my life by not just kids, but adults too. "Hey! Are you Weeman/Peter Dinklage/Sammy/the guy from that show/Willow?" "Were you like 1cm tall when you were born?" "Is your penis size the same as a normal persons?" "Are you not done growing yet?" "How's it feel like to be short?" "Can I pick you up?" "Hey do you know Weeman/Peter Dinklage/Willo

Thanks Billy Barty

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 9: giving credit to the man himself. Dwarfism Awareness Month became the month of October because the founder of the LPA (Little People of America), Billy Barty, had his birthday in October. LPA first launched Dwarfism Awareness Month in 2009. Members of the dwarfism community have used this time as an opportunity to send the message that people with short stature/dwarfism are equal participants in all areas of society. #Dwarfism #DwarfismAwarene

Standing out

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 6: Standing out. Today's post begins with a story... Once upon a time, there was a young man by the name of Jeremy. He attended high school just like every other kid his age. One day, in 2009, towards the end of the school semester, he and some friends decided that they were going to skip/wag school that day. They got prepared for school as usual and caught the bus, but instead of entering the school, they turned around and decided to have a day

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