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Dwarfism - is it a disability?

Dwarfism Awareness Month: Day 30: Disability. There are a lot of varying opinions on whether or not being a dwarf/little person is a disability. The reason for the varying opinions is because there are so many variations and potential health complications that can be associated with dwarfism. Most dwarfs like myself are physically able to do anything and everything. We may just go about it in a different way to average height individuals. However, those that are born with

Standing out

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 6: Standing out. Today's post begins with a story... Once upon a time, there was a young man by the name of Jeremy. He attended high school just like every other kid his age. One day, in 2009, towards the end of the school semester, he and some friends decided that they were going to skip/wag school that day. They got prepared for school as usual and caught the bus, but instead of entering the school, they turned around and decided to have a day

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