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I can't believe they asked that!

Wait, did you really just ask me that?

Dwarfism Awareness Month, Day 10: "I can't believe they asked that!"

Today's post is a list of questions that I've been asked throughout my life by not just kids, but adults too.

"Hey! Are you Weeman/Peter Dinklage/Sammy/the guy from that show/Willow?"

"Were you like 1cm tall when you were born?"

"Is your penis size the same as a normal persons?"

"Are you not done growing yet?"

"How's it feel like to be short?"

"Can I pick you up?"

"Hey do you know Weeman/Peter Dinklage/Willow/that guy from that show?"

"Can I throw you?"

"Are you a grown-up?"

"Is sex the same?"

"Why do you have a big head?"

"Is everything in your house tiny?"

"Is everyone in your family like you?"

"Are you contagious?"

"Is dwarfism a disease?"

"Are you from that TV show?"

*to my friend* "Can we take a picture with him?"

"How fast can you run?"

*points at anything* "Can you reach that?"

All of these are real questions asked by real people.

Speaking on behalf of myself and others that I know, we don't find all of these offensive. Most are general questions and some are asked out of plain curiosity.

But some are just plain weird and/or stupid.

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